MRO Storeroom Management eLearning



  • Introduction to MRO Storeroom Management
  • Buy Processes
  • Store Processes: Stocking
  • Store Processes: Inventory Management
  • Use Processes
  • Dispose Processes
  • Storeroom Management
  • MRO Program Management
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eMRO combines MRO standards and decades of best-practice benchmarking into a performance-driven, self-paced online solution to manage your storeroom in a way that meets the needs of operations, optimizes your inventory and reduces carrying costs.

  • Create a set of standard processes and tools
  • Onboard your new employees faster
  • Minimize your inventory investment
  • Set up your storerooms correctly
  • Reach geographically dispersed teams

Quick Wins

Implementing MRO Storeroom Management is one of the fastest ways to demonstrate improvements in your organization. Having the right replacement parts and supplies available in the right place at the right time reduces the risk of downtime and excessive material costs.

More than eLearning

eMRO is a toolkit of best practices for storeroom and inventory management. Included are over 40 templates and job aids like an MRO program assessment and maturity model, storeroom improvement roadmap, ABC classification guidelines, inventory cycle count procedure, critical spares decision-making criteria, team charter example, score card example, metrics list, case studies, action plans and 15 process overviews that span the buy, store, use and dispose phases from new item set-up, to storeroom receiving, to inventory stocking and obsolete inventory identification.

Practical Content

Managing a storeroom is a balancing act. Storeroom managers must have the materials available to support reliability and availability while minimizing inventory investment.

Learn how to ensure the right parts are in the right place at the right time. When you apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course, storeroom efficiency will increase and costs will decrease.

Key topics:

  • Storeroom partnerships
  • Materials management work processes
  • Inventory management best practices
  • Inventory stocking and materials handling policies
  • Techniques to manage inventory investment
  • Storeroom layout considerations
  • Key performance indicators

Who Will Benefit

People responsible for storeroom management and maintenance, repair and operations materials, including:

  • Storeroom Management and Personnel
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Maintenance Planners and Schedulers
  • Maintenance and Operations Supervisors.